Texas Community Goes Underground For Doomsday Prep

“Some upper-income Texans are headed down below, not Australia, but below the surface.”

“An investor group is planning for a doomsday scenario by building a $300 million luxury community replete with underground homes.”

Cummins Analysis:

At first sight, Trident Lakes might sound like the perfect doomsday survival retreat. The obvious advantage bing that the cost of securing a spot here might be much cheaper than building your own doomsday bunker or survival retreat. But I am not so sure. I would need to learn a lot more before I would throw in with the developer and purchase a “Condo” at this place

The developer is touting Trident Lakes as “The safest place on earth-  if need be,” yet they are already speaking to the news about its location, cost, features etc. This seems to be a fatal error.

I can’t help but think living in this place is going to be a little bit like living with a home owners association. Ouch! Maybe it will be safe, but I’ll bet you there will be rules. Probably a lot of rules.

They say Trident Lakes will be sustainable for up to two centuries. Interesting. There was nothing in this article as to how they would produce food, water, electricity etc. Whether that two-decade sustainability included the ability to generate electricity or simply referred to the way the structures are being built was not clear.

In any event, Trident Lakes  might be something to watch.

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Justin Cummins

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