No Mr. President Elect, you will not, “Make us great again.”

By Justin Cummins, Nov. 9th

I voted for Trump because I thought he was the better option, but this, “Make America Great Again,” slogan REALY irks me. This slogan insinuates that greatness is determined by who is in power.

That our nation is a government, rather than a people. I believe America is great because of it’s hard working resilient, unstoppable innovators and entrepreneur’s, because of its millions of people who get up every day and succeed in spite of the government. Because of our religious freedom, our right to free speach, our property rights and all the other freedoms we still have not lost.  No Mr. President elect, you will not, “Make us great again.” We are great, and we will be even greater if you and your government protect our freedoms, if you will just get out of the way and let us continue to do what we do so well – innovate and create on a magnitude the world has never seen.


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